Science of the Small: Nano-Bio-Technology Under the Biological Microscope

Sunday, February 21, 2010: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Room 10 (San Diego Convention Center)
Nanobiotechnology is a relatively new interdisciplinary area of science that is increasingly focused on how best to examine, elucidate, and control the boundary between the nanoscopic environment and the biological world. Controlling this interface allows researchers to connect artificial nanomaterials seamlessly with biological function, investigate subcellular and molecular activities on the nanoscale, and, from this understanding, create new therapeutic approaches. They can also design new tools that are inspired by the fundamental structures of nature and hybridized with synthetic materials. When researchers cannot understand and effectively control this interface, accidental interactions may lead to undesirable effects on organisms and ecosystems. This session will cover nano-particle interaction with living systems and the environment, preventing undesirable effects of nanomaterials, and nanofabrication and instrumentation to study biosystems.
Barbara Illman, U.S. Forest Service
Vicki Colvin, Rice University
Barbara A. Baird, Cornell University
Toward a Nanoscale View of Cell Sensing and Response
Barbara Illman, U.S. Forest Service
From Landscape to Nanoscale Level