Communicating on the State and Local Level: How Can Scientists Support Policy-Makers?

Friday, February 19, 2010: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Room 7B (San Diego Convention Center)
In recent years, state legislators and school board members have frequently attempted to undermine scientific research and education. As a result, scientists are often called on to work with policy-makers, but many lack the tools and resources to do so effectively. In particular, few scientists have been trained in communication and public engagement, and lawmakers and the public thus often view science and scientists as elitist and out of touch. Changing these perceptions requires a long-term effort, but this symposium aims to provide some of the groundwork. Specifically, it will explore successful communication and public engagement strategies and how they can be put to use on some of the most talked-about scientific policy issues of the day: evolution, stem cell research, and climate change. Speakers will include public engagement specialists as well as scientists who have extensive experience in working with lawmakers, the media, and the general public. The symposium will take a practical approach, focusing on providing tools, resources, and contacts to help scientists become effective advocates for science and science education at the state and local level.
Peyton West, AAAS Science and Policy Programs
Erin Heath, AAAS Science and Policy Programs
Peyton West, AAAS Science and Policy Programs
Erin Heath, AAAS Science and Policy Programs
Steve Schneider, Stanford University
Communication, Policy, and Climate Change
John Gearhart, University of Pennsylvania
Communication, Policy, and Stem Cell Research
Eugenie C. Scott, National Center for Science Education
Communication, Policy, and Evolution
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