2320 Guilt Versus Shame in Efforts To Improve the Global Commons

Sunday, February 21, 2010: 2:10 PM
Room 8 (San Diego Convention Center)
Jennifer Jacquet , University of British Columbia Fisheries Center, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Consumer-based initiatives for conservation are on the rise and largely appeal to guilt - driven by an individual's willingness to do the right thing.  But working higher in the demand or pollution chain, with retailers, restaurants, and governments, is a more effective strategy and will likely require relying on shame - by affecting reputation using the media and gossip -- rather than guilt as a tactic.  Highlighting examples from the real world, such as the Toxics Release Inventory and restaurant hygiene grade cards, this talk will explore the use of shame in conservation of the global commons as well as the pros and cons of rewarding cooperation vs. punishing defectors.
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