2050 Latin-American Diaspora Lead Their Countries of Origin on an Entrepreneurial Path

Sunday, February 21, 2010: 8:30 AM
Room 11A (San Diego Convention Center)
Simon Goldbard , LatIPnet, San Jose, CA
The presentation will discuss the role of Diaspora in identifying areas of need in their native countries and filling in that niche based on their own training and experiences in the US. The discussion will cover the importance of engaging the right partners both in the US and Latin Countries  in order to gain maximum efficiency for Diaspora efforts on promoting global entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialization in their countries of origin. The discussion will also deal with the role that Diasporas can have in helping and directing Latin government agencies in how to help promote innovation and entrepreneurship. This will include their role in structuring systems for technology transfer and global intellectual property protection as well as promoting and establishing private investment. As an illustrative example we will use the formation of a US-Mexico Life Science Alliance that has brought together US academic institutions and investors, international corporate partners, the Mexican scientific Diaspora in the US, and Mexican scientist from different regions and research centers. We will also talk about several companies that started their technical development in Latin academic institutions, and that with the help of the Diaspora, have become global enterprises.
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